Dr Harout Akdedian: The ‘Local Turn’ and Resilient Communities in Syria

Infrastructure for Peace or Hegemonic Pathways?

This paper argues that ‘Peace Infrastructures’ in Syria have disguised hegemonic power relations as seemingly ‘neutral’ and ‘innocent’ initiatives that promote tolerance, coexistence and Islam. Both government and local intermediaries have used these relevant infrastructures to expand their sociopolitical influence. Hence, based on the Syrian experience, infrastructures for peace and the associated efforts to incorporate and institutionalize local, state and mid-level participation toward localized peace, have been ultimately conflict-engendering, hegemonic pathways for power consolidation. From this perspective, employing the term ‘Infrastructures for peace’ without taking into account its correlations with power and hegemonic structures, leads to the reification of the topic and conceals significant questions about its nature.

The ‘Local Turn’ and Resilient Communities in Syria: Infrastructure for Peace or Hegemonic Pathways?