Gender and Islam Series: Queer Muslims in Europe

Featuring original approaches to the cultural, social and political transitions in Muslim-majority countries and contexts, the Gender and Islam series examines sexuality and gender as they appear in diverse societies throughout those communities. The series goes beyond the Islamic world to include issues of gender in other religious traditions and in areas where Islam could be an influencing factor. Spanning the early Islamic centuries to the present time, and using a variety of political, literary and scientific sources, the series studies the approach to gender as set out in Islamic foundational texts as well as considering the contemporary fatawa on LGBTQ questions. The series editors will encourage contributions from different disciplinary backgrounds and scientific cultures to stimulate new and cutting-edge debates, and to reflect the ways in which gender, sex and sexuality studies cut across historical periods and linguistic and regional boundaries.

Series Editors:

Professor Nadia Al-Bagdadi, Central European University, Budapest
Professor Randi Deguilhem, CNRS, TELEMME-MMSH, Aix-en-Provence
Professor Bettina Dennerlein, University of Zurich

Advisory Board:


Madawi Al-Rasheed, Middle East Centre, London School of Economics
Kathryn Babayan, University of Michigan
Jocelyne Cesari, Berkley Center, Georgetown University and University of Birmingham
Dawn Chatty, University of Oxford
Nadia El Cheikh, American University of Beirut
Hoda Elsadda, Cairo University
Ratna Ghosh, McGill University
Jane McAuliffe, John W. Kluge Center, Library of Congress and Berkley Center, Georgetown University