Condolence for Dr Faleh JABBAR


The SFM Research Project is grieving about the sudden death of prominent Iraqi sociologist Dr Faleh Jabbar.

Dr Faleh was a prominent Iraqi sociologist whose works covered a wide range of issues, including the theory of state and nation-state, religious movements and tribes in Iraq and the Middle East. He was supposed to give lectures during the Research Seminar Series on the Caliphate in the 20st century, which was the subject of one of his recent books, and on the state and Iraqi identity about which he lately published a book entitled “The New Leviathan”. His most famous publications include The Shi'ite Movement in Iraq (2003), Tribes and Power in the Middle East (2002) as well as and Ayatollahs, Sufis and Ideologues (2002).

Our thoughts and grievances are with his beloved ones. He will be missed.